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Estonian Competition Authority (ECA)                


Basic Information:


Estonian Competition Authority (ECA)

Established in


Organizational structure

The Minister of Justice appoints the General Director of the ECA (until 1.09.2015 appointed by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications)

Number of Commissioners

1 Director-General, 2 heads of division, 7 head of departments

Number of staff



Financed from the state budget


Electricity, Natural Gas, District Heating, Competition, Railway, Postal Sector, Water Sector

Responsibilities include tariff setting, licensing, monitoring of supply service quality, monitoring of retail and wholesale market and promotion of competition.


Independent both in decision-making procedures and in accountability

Since 1.09.2015 reports to the Minister of Justice (formerly to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications)

Legal basis

Ministerial Decree June 20, 2014, Electricity Market Act, Natural Gas Act, District Heating Act, Public Water Supply and Sewerage Act, Competition Act, Postal Act, Railways Act


Auna 6, 10317 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel.: (372) 667 2400 | Fax: (372) 667 2401




Market Information – 2015:


1,311 mln (1.01.2016, Statistics Estonia,


20 483 500 000 € (2015, current prices, Bank of Estonia, Key economic indicators,


Production of primary energy in 2014:

Oil shale: ~77%

Firewood: 19%

Hydro and wind energy: 1%

Other: 3%

Electricity Market Size

8,1  TWh (2015, electricity consumption with grid losses)

Surplus Installed Capacity over Demand

~ 500 MW

Net Electricity Exporter

  6,2 TWh (2015, including physical export 1,3 TWh and physical transit 4,9 TWh)

Natural Gas Imported

17808 TJ (2014)

Electricity Market Structure

§  Power production, transmission, distribution and sales are legally separated

§  Electricity market is fully opened from 01.01.2013. Every consumer who has network contract can choose preferable electricity supplier. Consumers who have not chosen electricity supplier are switched to universal service

§  One main power plant (AS Narva Elektrijaamad)

§  One transmission company (Elering AS)

§  Three main distribution companies, but all together is operating 34 distribution network operators

Natural Gas Market Structure

§  Transmission, distribution company and sales company are legally separated

§  The level of market opening is 100 % since July, 2007

Current Energy Issues

§  Electricity Regional Initiative – Baltic Electricity Market

§  Implementation of REMIT (market participants registration under CEREMP and market monitoring)

§  Implementation of network codes (i.e Capacity and Congestion Management Network Code)


Contact Information:
Address: Auna 6, Tallinn 10317, Estonia
Tel.: (372) 667 2400 | Fax:(372) 667 2401