ERRA offers intern position(s) to graduate students


ERRA offers intern position(s) to graduate students interested in utility regulation with the ability to produce benchmarking and other analytical type of publications for the purposes of the Association.


Candidates should have specific ideas on the subject of research. Interns will have full access to resource documents, information, data available to ERRA. In addition, the ERRA may encourage its member organisations to provide additional data and information for the purposes of the intern’s research. The selected intern(s) will have the opportunity to join ERRA Committee and Working Group meetings and training courses organized during the internship.


Proposed research fields

  • electricity system regulation
  • gas system regulation
  • district heating regulation
  • water supply utility regulation
  • regulatory governance



  • Minimum 2 months, maximum 6 months.
  • Interns work flexible hours.


For more information and application process please contact the Secretariat at gro.t1503242447enarr1503242447e@tai1503242447rater1503242447ces1503242447.


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