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General overview, infrastructure aspects

Infrastructure to 2030 VOLUME 2 Mapping Policy for Electricity, Water and Transport

(chapter 1, 2, 4)

International Futures Programme

OECD, 2007


The Governance of Water Regulators

OECD, 2015

Water for all? A study of water utilities’ preparedness to meet supply challenges to 2030

Economist Intelligence Unit, 2012


Guidelines for User Fees and Cost Recovery For Urban Water and Sanitation

African Development Bank, 2010


Experiences from the region

Ten Years of Water Sector Reform in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

OECD, 2011


Guidelines for Performance-Based Contracts between water utilities and municipalities. Lessons learnt from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

OECD, 2011


Assessment and Development of Municipal Water and Waste Water Tariffs and Effluent Charges in the Danube River Basin (Chapter 1, 2, 3)

UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project, 2004

Strategies for Reform

A manual for water utilities in South Eastern Europe

REC, 2009

Strategic Moves

Eight years of environmental infrastructure investment planning in South Eastern Europe

REC, 2009

Climate change and water resources management aspects

Living with Water Scarcity

David Zetland


Climate chamge and urban water utilities: Challanges & opportunities

IB-Net, 2010


Selected articles from the scientific literature:

Evaluating the Legacy of the 1990s Reform Wave

V. Herrera, A.E. Post, 2014


A meta-regression analysis of benchmarking studies on water utilities market structure

P. Carvalho, R.C. Marques, S. Berg

Utilities Policy 21 (2012) 40-49

A thirst for power: A global analysis of water consumption for energy production

Dr. Edward Spang, 2012

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