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Energy and Mineral Regulatory Commission (EMRC)

  • Zahran Street, Seventh Circle
    Amman, Jordan 
  •  +962 6 580 5000 

Sectors Regulated:

  • Electricity
  • Oil
  • Liquid Fuel
  • Minerals and Rock Deposits


  • Established in 2014


  • Legal basis
  • 2002 General Electricity Law (GEL).
  • Responsibilities
  • Issuing of licenses in accordance with the provisions of the GEL.
  • Establish the methodological basis for computing electric tariffs, subscription fees and connection charges to transmission and distribution systems.
  • Approve electric power meters installed by  the licensees.
  • Prescribe directives for inspection and testing of meters.
  • Ensure compliance by licensees with the terms of their licenses and other legal requirements, including directives issued.
  • Establish the appropriate operating codes and safety, security, and reliability standards and to assess the performance of the licensees.
  • Settle disputes arising between the licensees and consumers or between the licensees inter se.
  • Issue directives to ensure EMRC obtains technical and financial data and any other information to conduct its mandates.
  • Prepare draft by-laws relating to the Energy sector.
  • Any other issues that the Chief-Commissioner thinks fit to present to the Council.
  • Issuing tariffs.
  • Any other issues relating to energy sector (gas, nuclear, electricity… etc.
  • Authorities
  • Independence: An Independent body reporting to the prime Minister

    Appeal process: High Court

Organisational Structure

  • Internal Structure
  • Council of Commissioners, formed by 5 Commissioners (Chairman, Deputy Chairman and three other Commissioners). Each Commissioner appointed for a 4 years period (except for three Commissioners of the first Council in order to allow overlapping) and may be renewed for one additional 4 year period.
  • Working Employees
  • Number of Commissioners: 5
  • Number of Staff: 347
  • Budget
  • Financing is through License fees approximately 95%, other 5%

Population: 8 185 384 (2016 est.)

GDP / Capita: $ 12 100 (2015 est.)

Territory: 89 342 km2 (112. in World rank)

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Farouq AL-HYARI - Chairman

Licensing and Competition Committee Member

Muna ALMOUSA - Licensing and Monitoring Engineer

Tariff and Pricing Committee Member

Wijdan ALRANADI - Commissioner

Customers and Retail Markets Working Group Member

-no designated member at this time -

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