30 Water Regulators Gather in Budapest to Participate in ERRA’s Water Regulatory Training


ERRA’s 3rd Training Course on Water Utility Regulation starts today. This 5-day training was launched in 2015 as a pioneering product in order to develop the skills of water regulators. We are pleased to see a continuous interest from different continents in this course. This year’s event is attended by water utility regulators from: Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Georgia, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates.

The course is facilitated by the team of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research. Course instructors include water utility regulators from Hungary, Ireland, Portugal and Scotland as well as representatives of international organizations and the consultancy sector.

For more information,  please refer to the Training website: https://erranet.org/training/3rd-training-on-water-regulation/

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