Head of Distribution Networks, Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), France

Edith Hector began her professional career in 2010 as a management controller in the Finance Department of Poweo, an energy supplier that was later acquired by Direct Energie and TotalEnergies. Two years later, she switched to economic analysis in the company's Strategy Department.

 In 2014, she joined the French energy regulator, CRE, as a member of the Midstream Gas Infrastructure Department, where she focused on network tariffs. Edith Hector was involved in launching gas storage regulation and creating France's single gas marketplace. After four years of dedicated service, she was promoted to head the Department.

Since 2022, she has been leading the Distribution Department. In her current position, she manages a range of topics such as tariffs, independence, new uses, green gas, advanced metering, and others, related to both electricity and gas.

 Edith Hector holds a master's degree in management control systems from Université Paris Dauphine (PSL).