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ERRA Workshop on Network Codes

The 1st ERRA Educational Workshop on Implementation of the European Network Codes and Target Models is being held between September 19-20, 2016 in Budapest, Hungary.
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ERID – Lessons Learned and Messages

We are pleased to publish a follow up document of the "ERRA Regulatory Innovation Day” (ERID).
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List of sponsors of the 15th ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference

We are happy to announce the list of Sponsors of the 15th ERRA Conference.
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Benchmark Analysis on Dispute Settlement Practice and Complaint Handling Procedures

The ERRA Customers and Retail Markets Working Group prepared a Benchmark Analysis on Dispute Settlement Practice and Complaint Handling Procedures in ERRA Countries.
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ERRA Published 2 New Research Papers

Two valuable research papers were prepared to assist the work of the ERRA Licensing and Competition Committee on Energy Storage Possibilities and Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plants.
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ERRA Ad Hoc Member Projects – Call for Application

Based on the success of the 2015/2016 programs, ERRA is offering subsidies to its Members for ERRA Ad Hoc Member Projects and Ad Hoc Consultancy Projects as per the ERRA 2016/2017 Workplan.
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Ad-hoc Consultancy Project for PSRC Armenia on New Customer Connection

ERRA published an analysis paper prepared for the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) of Armenia on the issue how to optimize the connection of new customers to electricity distribution network.
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New CER Certificate Issued

The 27th CER (Certified Energy Regulator) certificate was awarded to Mr. John Obed Alilee (Commissioner, Vanuatu Utilities Regulatory Authority) last week upon the successful completion of the 14th ERRA Summer School.
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ERRA is acknowledged as an inter-institutional organisation

The Hungarian Official Journal (Magyar Közlöny) published the Law 2016.LXXXV on June 23 acknowledging ERRA as an inter-institutional organisation.
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14th ERRA Summer School: Introduction to Energy Regulation

The 14th ERRA Summer School on Introduction to Energy Regulation is being held between June 20-24, 2016 in Budapest, Hungary attended by 25 participants.
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