Press Release: MEKH is contributing to ERRA’s Energy Transition Initiative

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) is contributing to ERRA’s Energy Transition Initiative that will foster bottom-to-top approach advice from regulators to respective governments and will bring a growing number of important and still unaddressed issues.
Lithuania Member News

ERRA Member News: Lithuania is preparing for the first offshore wind project tender

According to the Government’s resolution, a 700 MW wind farm will be developed on the area of 15 hectares in the Baltic Sea. It is estimated that the installation will be able to produce up to 3 TWh of electricity per year.
France Member News

ERRA Member News: France’s first offshore wind electricity

After many years of administrative challenges, the first French MWh of offshore wind electricity was produced in the beginning of June. The Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm will eventually comprise 80 turbines accounting for 480MW of capacity to be progressively installed until the end of the year.
ERRA Publication: Smart Meter Penetration

ERRA Report on Smart Meter Penetration in Select ERRA Member Countries

The analysis is an update of the 2020 version and provides some new comparisons on the role of smart meters in different countries’ electricity markets, leading to identify recommendations towards this hot topic.
RE COM publication

RE COM Survey: Regulatory Involvement in the Implementation of Different Renewable Technologies

The publication focuses on the activities of regulators, different tasks,  financial support systems in place, introduction of new technologies, regulators’ involvement in new services/ technologies, market roles. 
ERRA Publication: Climate Change Goals

Report: ERRA Member Regulators’ Role & Engagement in National Climate Action Goals

This report presents the results and findings stemming from the survey launched to assess the current status of members’ engagement in domestic climate action/decarbonization goals’ and targets’ imposition.