COVID19 webinar concluded


ERRA has successfully concluded its first webinar, which was dedicated to COVID19 implications for the energy sector and related regulatory measures. The 2-day event has gathered an audience of 70+ participants.

In the webinar, the pandemic impact on the energy sector was approached from two perspectives. First of all the analysis focused on how did the regulators react (the breakdown of ERRA Members’ measures was complemented with dedicated case studies from Italy and the U.S.) and what were their decisions and recommendations for the regulated entities. Secondly, we looked into electricity and natural gas market signals in order to draw first conclusions on market response and outline early forecasts for the incoming recovery period in the overarching climate change context. The task was facilitated by a roster of excellent speakers with regulatory, analytical and consultancy backgrounds.

ERRA Secretariat would like to thank all participants and speakers for their presence, attention, interaction and contribution to this important event. We truly hope that the information and insights shared will help addressing the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic and tackling potential economic repercussions.