ERID – Lessons Learned and Messages


ERRA – together with the Polish Energy Association (PKEE) – organized a Forum in Poznan, Poland: the “ERRA Regulatory Innovation Day” (ERID) on 12-13 May, 2016 as a part of Energy Future Week, which focused on the new “smart” technologies, the innovative operation modes and the necessary regulatory support for them.

ERID was designed as a platform for the exchange of experience and information between energy policy makers, regulatory authorities, utilities, research institutions and end-users. Under the broad umbrella of the program, the staff of regulatory agencies, research institutions, utilities and representatives of the financial sector interested in development and innovation was encouraged to participate.

The Forum concentrated on the following issues:

–       Creating the culture of innovations in the energy sector

–       How to incentivize innovations in the energy sector?

–       Acceleration of innovation and the development of the electricity networks of the future (smart grid and smart meters)

–       Demand Side Response and system operators

–       Energy storage

–       Integration of e-mobility & its regulation

–       New smart appliances and their system effects

–       Changing expectation and behaviour of customers.

We are pleased to publish a follow up document including the most remarkable messages of the Forum.  We are confident that the material will serve as a useful tool for those who could not participate in the event.