ERRA will see its current Chairman, Alparslan Bayraktar leave on May 10


Mr. Bayraktar was appointed as Director General of Foreign Affairs and EU of the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on April 8.

Mr. Bayraktar will lay down his responsibilities as chairman during the ERRA General Assembly on May 10.

Mr. Bayraktar joined ERRA as a Commissioner and Board Member of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey in 2011. He was later elected as a member of ERRA’s Presidium and in 2013 elected as Vice Chairman of ERRA and in March 2014 as Chairman of ERRA. Mr. Bayraktar has been leading ERRA through a combination of legal restructuring and strategic development. Legal restructuring has resulted in a more prestigious and elevated legal status of ERRA while results of strategic development have been seen in new members joining the association from non-core ERRA regions. Mr. Bayraktar has been instrumental placing ERRA on the map of international organisations and accomplished numerous international cooperation agreements. Under his tenure as Chairman he aimed to shape a transparent, reputable and forward-thinking organisation. Mr. Bayraktar’s involvement in the ERRA regulatory community will continue in different format and platform.

The Governor of the Electricity and Co-generation Regulatory Authority of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullah M. Al Shehri says: “I am very delighted to know of your appointment in this prominent position. I have enjoyed working with you in the ERRA activities. We are going to miss your friendly personality and effective leadership at ERRA…” 

The President of the National Energy Regulatory Authority of Romania, Mr. Niculae Havrilet says: “…you will find success and enjoyment considering your experience and organisational skills as well as your pleasant personality and certainly you will be missed by the ERRA community. It is my pleasure to express my appreciation on ERRA’s progress which is largely due to your activity with regards to international cooperation and partnership with institutions on common interest in the energy sector…”