June Meeting of the ERRA Customer Protection Working Group (CP WG)


27 members of the ERRA CP WG joined the online meeting on June 10 to discuss the following topics:

  • Vulnerable Customers Rights and Energy Poverty
  • Strengthening customers awareness and empowerment through Price Comparison Tools (PCT’s)
    • Case Study of Kenya
    • First results received for the Benchmark Analysis on available PCTs among ERRA Members

The sessions were followed with lively discussions.


The meeting concluded with the final clarifications of the Status Quo Report that is planned to be published later this month by the CP WG that aims to have an overview on:

  1. the status and jurisdiction of the regulators,
  2. the basic structure of the retail markets of electricity and natural gas of the participating ERRA Members,
  3. the state of play of consumer protection and the duties related to it respectively in each Member States

Stay tuned for the updates to come!


More details about the work of the Working Group can be found here: https://erranet.org/member-activities/customer-protection-wg/