ERRA General Assembly


During the May 2016 General Assembly Meeting of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA), Mr. Märt Ots (General Director, Estonian Competition Authority) was elected as ERRA Chairman, while Mr. Attila Nyikos (Vice-President for International Affairs, Hungarian Energy and Utility Regulatory Authority) as Vice-Chairman for a 2-year term.

The ERRA General Assembly elected the following regulators as Presidium Members:

  • AKAH, Anthony (Acting Chairman, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Nigeria)
  • AL HINAI, Amer Saif (Chairman & Non-Executive Member, Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman)
  • IRKLIS, Rolands (Chairman, Public Utilities Commission, Latvia)
  • MANICUTA, Maria (Director General, Network Access and Authorisation Department –Electricity, Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority, Romania)
  • NYIKOS, Attila (Vice-President for International Affairs, Hungarian Energy and Utility Regulatory Authority, Hungary)
  • OTS, Mart (General Director, Estonian Competition Authority, Estonia)
  • YILMAZ, Mustafa (President, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Turkey


Changes in membership status 

The new membership application of Bhutan Electricity Authority was approved by the General Assembly. The organisation was established in 2005 and has mandate to issue license (generation, transmission, distribution, supply, wholesale), approve tariffs and impose sanctions.

Based on the ERRA Constitution amendments accepted in 2015, associate members of ERRA had the opportunity to become full members. The ERRA General Assembly approved the following Membership upgrades from associate to full member category:

  • Cameroon (Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency),
  • Nigeria (Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission),
  • Oman (Authority for Electricity Regulation)
  • Pakistan (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority)
  • Saudi Arabia (Electricity and Co-Generation Regulatory Authority of Saudi Arabia) and
  • United Arab Emirates (Regulatory and Supervisory bureau for Electricity and Water of Dubai). 


Sergey Novikov (former Head of the Federal Tariff Services of Russia) and Valdis Lokenbahs (former Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Latvia) were elected as Honorary Members of ERRA.


The photos of the event are available at the following link.