ERRA General Assembly 2020


Today, the Association held its overdue 2020 General Assembly meeting in an online format. Due to the pandemic outbreak, the initially planned April GA in Chisinau, Moldova had to be cancelled.

The ERRA General Assembly made significant changes to the structure of the Association, most importantly by (1) welcoming new Associate and Full Members as well as (2) electing new executives.

With regards to the former (1), ERRA has now grown by 5 new members, thus expanding to new geographic areas and reaching a total number of 48 member organizations::

  • Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (Associate Member)
  • Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission, Algeria (Associate Member)
  • Energy Regulators Association of East Africa (Associate Member)
  • Energy Regulatory Commission, France (Associate Member)
  • Energy Regulatory Commission, Thailand (Full Member)

Speaking about the latter (2), ERRA has now a new Presidium for the 2020-2022 term:

  • Ms. Maia MELIKIDZE, representing GNERC, Georgia – new ERRA Chairperson
  • Mr. Pál SÁGVÁRI, representing HEA, Hungary – new ERRA Vice-Chairperson
  • Mr. Ahmet Çağri ÇİÇEK, representing EMRA, Turkey
  • Mr. Rolands IRKLIS, representing PUC, Latvia
  • Ms. Andrijana NELKOVA-CHUCHUK, representing ERC, North Macedonia
  • Ms. Maria MANICUTA, representing ANRE, Romania (continuing her term)
  • Mr. Dietmar PREINSTORFER, representing E-Control, Austria

The Secretariat would like to welcome new ERRA Members and congratulate to all newly appointed executives!