ERRA Virtual meetings of Tariff/Pricing Committee and Licensing/Competition Committee


On January 25-26, 2016 ERRA organizing its first virtual Committee Meetings through online platform with simultaneous English-Russian interpretation. The platform allowed for the distant presentation of usual committee meeting presentations and hopefully in the future these virtual meetings will complete the physical meetings of committee members.

The main topics of the Tariff/Pricing Committee meeting (January 25) are:

  • Roundtable Discussions: Tariff/Pricing Updates by Committee Members
  • Discussion on the Tariff/Pricing Committee Work Plan for 2016/17
  • Incentive price regulation (X factor determination). Introduction of the results of the Efficiency Analysis Questionnaire
  • Possible volume adjustments during tariff setting process (Liberalization of electricity markets)
  • Regulatory aspects of the introduction of EU Gas Network Codes with special focus on tariff setting/pricing method consequences – Benchmarking among committee members – Introduction of the results
  • Potential tariff elements, as barriers of  cross border trade
  • Conditions to publish tariff and price information supporting customers during the switching process (changing supplier)
  • Renewables and power market – from fission to fusion
The following topics are on the agenda of the Licensing/Competition Committee meeting (January 26):

  • Roundtable Discussions: Licensing/Competition Updates by Committee Members
  • Presentation of the Benchmarking Analysis: Ancillary services and Balancing markets – market models, responsibilities, experiences and regulatory aspects
  • Smart metering (cost benefit analysis of potential dissemination and results of Pilot Projects)
  • Discussion on the Licensing/Competition Committee Work Plan for 2016/17
  • Conditions and method to publish tariff and price information supporting customers during the switching process (changing supplier) on the free market
  • Presentation of the new data collection for the ERRA Database on Operating Wholesale Market Monitoring Network
  • Security of supply measures in electricity and gas system – operation of critical infrastructure during extreme weather conditions