ERRA’s Statement


Our thoughts and prayers these days are with our colleagues at NEURC and the Ukrainian energy sector, their families and friends who are being subjected to acts of aggression and violence by the Russian Federation, unprecedented in recent history. We unequivocally condemn this war, leading to disruption and even complete loss of energy and other public utility services. Considering the facts on the ground, we decided to restrict ERRA’s cooperation with our Russian member organisation FAS. We firmly stand for peace in all ERRA countries towards our common prosperity and wellbeing, so that we may continue to be a unique platform for regulatory authorities to cooperate.

Irrespective of political and diplomatic events, no matter how unprecedented they might be, ERRA will continue to pursue its goals of fostering development of stable regulators with autonomy and authority and of improving cooperation among regulators, as was the case in the past more than 20 years.