Hando Sutter of Eesti Energia will address smartmeter roll-out for end-users in Estonia during ERRA Conference in Riga


Since Eesti Energia and its subsidiaries are very much at the forefront of the digital energy transformation with Elektrilevi, he answered to the question on what was the main driver of this digitalization process in Estonia and what would be the main benefits for customers?

Hando Sutter: The Estonian government’s decision to have a full roll-out of smart meters was a brave one at the time, but today we can confidently say that it has paid off. Estonia boasts one of the most transparent electricity markets in Europe, our network losses have decreased by 30% since the introduction of smart meters, our customers manage their contracts, consumption and pay invoices via mobile app and spot-based electricity products make up almost half of all the contracts signed. But most importantly, the data and our learnings have inspired us to create new innovative solutions to reduce the network costs even further and share this knowledge with other utilities.