Impressions on the Joint Webinar: Regulatory Tariff Considerations due to the Pandemic


Today, together with our partners from USAID, NARUC and CEER, ERRA held a joint webinar on Regulatory Tariff Considerations due to the Pandemic. The webinar focused on analyzing the current situation of regulated utilities in the COVID19 circumstances, putting special emphasis on the revenue and tariff specificity.

The Association was represented by Mr Attila Nyikos, ERRA Vice-chair, whose elaboration focused on answering two major questions:

  1. What are the short-, mid- and possible long-term tariff issues that could arise as a result of the pandemic?
  2. What are possible policy measures that can be undertaken and who is in the best position to take these measures?

The other speakers of the webinar were Ms Annegret Groebel, CEER President and Mr Willie Phillips, Chair of District of Columbia Public Service Commission. The webinar was moderated by Mr Hisham Choueiki, Principal Technical Advisor at NARUC.

Follow our social media and stay tuned for the next joint webinars to be held in June:

  • The Regulatory Role in Supporting Cybersecurity Investments on June 17th
  • Transition Plans & Cost Recovery Following the COVID-19 Pandemic on June 24th