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Proposed Topics
Primary Group – Conference Presentations
Secondary Group – Poster Exhibition

2018 Conference Abstracts





The purpose of the ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference Abstracts is to present new and ongoing research in the energy sector, particularly related to energy regulation and development of energy markets and reflecting the topics discussed during the Conference.

Proposed Topics

The Candidates may choose among the following topics of the ERRA Conference:

  1. Energy Transition and Decentralisation

Electrification, the shift of energy consumption from transport to electricity through electric vehicles, will play an important role in this the energy transition. Additionally, the fact that RES have seen steeply-declining cost curves over the past decade implies their deployment – even without subsidy – is likely to continue in the future either through IPPs or behind-the meter generation. It is believed that this will reduce the average size of the generating units connected in the network, implying more and more generation will be connected on the distribution network. This consequently implies that DSOs will increasingly have to assume a role in providing flexibility in the market, to accommodate differences between consumption and demand in their networks. TSO-DSO cooperation in this regard will be very necessary. The submitted abstracts should adequately address the role of regulators in these important aspects.

  1. The Role of Natural Gas in the Energy Transition

Clean energy package has already been adopted by the European parliament as EU sets their vision for the share of renewables in the gross final energy consumption in 2030. It is believed that gas will play a very significant transitional role from the current energy mix to the full renewable energy mix since the gas is relatively cleaner. Biogas biofuels, renewable fuels from excess energy produced will be added to the mix, implying there will be opportunities for gas in this transitional phase.  The submitted abstracts should deal with the role of the regulators related to gas in the energy transition.

  1. Cyber Security

Today’s electric, gas, water, communications, and transportation system operations are increasingly dependent on integrated systems to manage complex resources. Indeed, the introduction of advanced technology and digital controls to create “smart” energy grids offers considerable benefits to utilities and consumers alike, promising efficiency gains in system operations and allowing for great consumer choice and investment in renewable energy sources. While many future investments in the energy sector will help accelerate the “energy transition” to create more decentralized, automated, and clean systems, they will also introduce vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyberattacks. There is significant risk posed by increasingly digitized and integrated energy systems and there are challenges that utilities, regulators, and investors will all have to face in the coming years, with a particular focus on the costs and benefits of cybersecurity and how will these risks impact future investments needed as part of energy transition. Abstracts submitted under this topic should address these risks and the role of regulators in cyber security.

Time-line of the Conference Abstract Process

  • April 18, 2019: Publication of the Call for Conference Abstracts with the conditions, the proposed topics
  • July 3, 2019: Deadline for the submission of the Abstracts
  • August 15, 2019: Publication of results
  • September 23-24, 2019: Presentation during the 18th ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference and Poster Exhibition

Primary Group – Conference Presentations

Authors of best Abstracts are invited as presenters of the ERRA Investment and Regulation Conference. ERRA will provide full complimentary passes for the 2-day Conference to invited authors and ERRA will contribute to the travel and accommodation fees up to the maximum value of 1000 EUR/abstract. (Reminder: maximum 3 abstracts will be awarded for conference presentation purposes.)

Secondary Group – Poster Exhibition

ERRA will organize a Poster Exhibition in the Conference Foyer Area presenting research, findings and developments from primary and secondary abstracts. Posters should be descriptive, including visual aids like charts, tables, graphics, photos, etc. The poster should speak for itself and should not include lengthy texts or extensive explanations. Authors should be present in the Poster Exhibition area and be available for questions during times indicated in the Conference Program. ERRA is responsible for any cost related to the printing of the posters. Examples from previous year can be found here >>>.

For detailed information on the Submission Process, Evaluation Criteria and Format Requirements, please refer to the documents below:


2018 Conference Abstracts

Primary Group: Conference Presentations

In 2018 the following abstract teams were invited to present their research papers during the 17th ERRA Investment and Regulation Conference.


Abstract Winner #1 – Team from the Electricity and Co-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA), Saudi Arabia (Shareef Al Barrak, Fayez Al Jabri, Mohammed Al Ghwazi)


Abstract Winner #2 – Association “NP Market Council”, Russia (Oleg Barkin (present) and Vladislav Berezovsky)

Secondary Group: Poster Exhibition

ERRA is organising a Poster Exhibition in the Foyer Area of the 17th ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference presenting the following research themes:

  • ECRA’s Regulatory Approach to Maintaining Security of Supply (by Fayez Al Jabri, Mohammed Al Ghwazi and Shareef Al Barrak from the Electricity and Co-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA), Saudi Arabia)
  • The Role of Association “NP Market Council” in Support of New Technology Development in Russian Wholesale Energy Market (by Oleg Barkin and Vladislav Berezovsky from the Association “NP Market Council”, Russia)
  • An Efficient European Regulatory Framework for Disclosure Information (byPhilip Moody and Dirk Van Evercooren from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB))
  • Energy Trends and Perspectives in South Caucasus Region (by Sopio Khozrevanidze and Lia Gvazava from the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC))
  • A Modern View of Energy Security (by Pavol Chropovsky and Marian Parkanyi from the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (RONI), Slovakia)

Check the Posters here >>>