Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS)


Sectors Regulated:

Electrictiy, Natural Gas, Oil Pipeline Transportation

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Regulatory Authority General Information

ERRA Membership



Organisational Structure

General Country Information

Population: 7 143 921 (2016 est.) 

GDP / Capita: $ 5 294 (2016 est.)

Territory: 77 474 km2 (117. in World rank)

Annual Report

Information will be uploaded soon.

ERRA Committe and Working Group Members


Dejan POPOVIĆ - President of the Council

Licensing and Competition Committee Member

Dragana JOSIMOVIĆ - Head of Legal Department

Tariff and Pricing Committee Member

Nebojsa DESPOTOVIC - Senior Expert for Economics and Finance

Mladen PETRONIJEVIC - Senior Expert for Economics and Finance

Customers and Retail Markets Working Group Member

- no designated member at the moment -