Public Utilities Commission (PUC)


Sectors Regulated:

Electricity, Natural Gas, District Heating, Water, Wastewater, Telecommunication, Post, Transport (Railway)

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Regulatory Authority General Information

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Organisational structure

General Country Information

Population: 1 965 686 (2016 est.)

GDP / Capita: $ 13 665  (2015)

Territory: 64 589 km2 (124. in World rank)

Annual Report

Information will be uploaded soon.

ERRA Committe and Working Group Members


Rolands IRKLIS - Chairman, ERRA Presidium Member

Licensing and Competition Committee Member

Inga BALABKINA - Head of Energy Division of the Legal Department

Tariff and Pricing Committee Member

Viesturs KADIń∂IS - Head of Tariff and Infrastructure Division of the Energy Department, Vice-Chairman of the Tariff/ Pricing Committee

Customers and Retail Markets Working Group Member

Ieva FELDMANE - Director of the Legal Department

Elza BERGMANE - Senior Lawyer, Energy Division, Legal Department