Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC)

Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC)


Sectors Regulated:

Electricity, Natural Gas, Water
  • P.O.Box CT 3095 Cantonments
    Accra, Ghana
  • +233 302 244 181-4

Regulatory Authority General Information

  • Joined ERRA in 2015
  • Established in 1997


  • Legal basis/ mandate
  • Public Utilities Regulatory Act, 1997 (Act 538) as part of the utility sector reform process to regulate the provision of utility services in the electricity and water sectors.
    By virtue of the Energy Commission Act, 1997 (Act 541) PURC also has regulatory responsibility over charges for supply, transportation and distribution of natural gas services.
  • Responsibilities
  • PURC’s key tasks are to:
    – Provide guidelines for rates to be charged for the provision of utility services;
    – Examine and approve utility rates;
    – Protect the interest of consumers and providers of utility services;
    – Monitor and enforce standards of performance for provision of utility services;
    – Promote fair competition among public utilities;
    – Receive, investigate and settle complaints relating to utility services;
    – Advise any person or authority in respect of any public utility.

Organisational Structure

  • Internal Structure
  • PURC is made up of nine Commissioners including a Chairman, an Executive Secretary, an institutional representative each for labour, industry and domestic consumers, as well as 4 experts in various aspects of the Commission’s work. Commissioners are appointed by the President in consultation with the Council of State for five-year terms, which are renewable. The Commission is supported by a Secretariat headed by the Executive Secretary.