Mini Interview with NARUC President Nick Wagner, moderator of the ERRA Riga Conference


Question by ERRA: Behind the meter generation is posing significant challenges to TSOs due to lack of aggregated data on forecast production levels and increased reserve capacities that have to be ramped up to meet reduced contribution from prosumer plants. How important of a role will DSOs have in providing additional flexibility in the future and what policy measures have to be undertaken to enhance TSO-DSO cooperation?

President Wagner’s answer: Self generation behind the meter is definitely changing the utility industry. As we move forward having the information as to what is on their system will be the key for DSO’s. That information is critical for the reliable operation of their system, and it is also needed to provide the information to the TSO. Both systems must plan for the right resources on their systems to achieve high reliability. There can be significant issues if customer owned generation is relied upon for system needs and those resources are not available as planned. Because of these reasons it is extremely important that significant planning and coordination between the DSO, TSO and customer owned generation occurs. There is some level of responsibility for those customer owned systems to provide the resources they have indicated are available, just as there is the same responsibility with utility owned resources.