Modelling Electricity Generation & Transmission Systems’ Adequacy webinar concluded


The Modelling Electricity Generation & Transmission Systems’ Adequacy webinar organized in cooperation with Energy Exemplar has come to an end! The webinar was moderated by Sven Kaiser, Deputy Director of the Electricity Department of E-Control, Austria.

The first day of the topical 2-day event included highly technical insights that covered a wide range of topics, inter alia, adequacy assessment, capacity mechanisms and reliability metrics. These were shared by representatives of the Energy Exemplar, European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), Frontier Economics and The University of Edinburgh – School of Mathematics.

The second day comprised presentations and exchange of thoughts regarding an increasing need for market simulation for the support of regulatory decisions, observations from Greek market modelling, present practices for Hungarian/Central European supply capacity adequacy monitoring and modelling and the framework of electricity storage valuation. The later discussion on the outtakes of the webinar was held by representatives of Grant Thornton Greece, MAVIR Hungarian Transmission Operator Co. and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and all Speakers from Day 1.

The main takeout message is that regulators should phase in modelling as an increasingly practical tool to better understand and address the changing energy sector dynamics, particularly in the contexts of adequacy and capacity mechanisms but also because of the trends of decarbonization, increased variable renewables penetration and new prospects of energy storage.

ERRA would like to deeply thank the Moderator, all Speakers and Participants for their inputs and attention.

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