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3rd High-level Meeting of Regional Associations of Emerging Markets


May 24, 2015 // Istanbul, Turkey 

In conjunction with the 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation, the 3rd High-level Meeting of Regional Associations of Emerging Markets was held in Istanbul, Turkey to develop cooperation and exchange of regulatory experience in areas relevant for emerging energy markets.



The Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) initiated the organisation of a high-level roundtable meeting for representatives of regulatory associations from emerging economies of the world.

  • The first roundtable was held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013 and was hosted by ERRA.
  • The second meeting was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2014 and was co-hosted by RERA and NERSA.



ERRA’s objective of the proposed meeting is to continue offering a high-level platform for regulatory associations representing the so-called emerging economies – similar to the existing dialogues between associations representing well established markets such as the EU-US Roundtable of NARUC and CEER.   

The roundtable is to develop cooperation and the exchange of experience in several areas of energy regulation. With this initiative ERRA would like to reflect on the growing number of our new members coming from the African and Asian region and to confirm that ERRA is ready to share its best experiences accumulated over the past 13 years. This experience covers areas such as restructuring, privatisation, market building, liberalisation and tariff systems gained in our core member countries. 


Participating organisations:

  • AFUR
  • ERRA
  • RERA



Event Location

İstanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre (ICEC)
Address: Harbiye, Gümüş Cad. No:4, 34367 Harbiye / Şişli/İstanbul,