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9th High-level (Virtual) Meeting of Regional Associations of Emerging Markets


December 16, 2020

Timings are indicated in CET (GMT+1 – Budapest time)

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Organized by:
Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA)

Hosted by: 
Mediterranean Regulators Association (MEDREG)

 through Zoom online platform



In 2013, ERRA launched the organisation of an annual high-level roundtable gathering Associations of regulators from emerging economies of the world. The first roundtable was held in Istanbul (Turkey) and proved very successful and useful for participants, thus leading to the organization of subsequent meetings in Johannesburg (2014), in Istanbul again (2015), in Milan (2016), in Budapest (2017), in Cancun (2018), in Istanbul (2018) and in Milan (2019).


The objective is to continue offering a high-level exchange platform for Associations of regulators representing emerging economies to develop cooperation and exchange of experiences in several areas of energy regulation. Reflecting on 2020, the meeting will focus on the regulatory implications of the pandemic and the impact on the regulatory associations. The meeting will also include technical discussions such as energy transition and renewables regulation.

Confirmed participants include the following Associations: AFUR, AERF, ARIAE, EREA, ERERA, ERRA, MEDREG, OCCUR – and ICER as an observer.


13:00-13.10 Welcome address and introduction of participants

  • Ms. Maia Melikidze, ERRA Chair
  • Mr. Petrit Ahmeti, MEDREG President

13.10-14.00 Topic 1: COVID19 Implications and Impact on the Participating Associations
(Each Association is requested to make a max. 10-minute-long presentation)

  • Questions & Answers   
  • Tour de table moderated by ERRA
    • AFUR: Mr. James Manda, Technical Manager and Ms. Debbie Roets, Executive Secretary
    • AERF: Eman Mashhou, Member of the Arab Electricity Regulators Forum
    • ARIAE: Mr. Luis Jesús Sánchez de Tembleque, Executive Secretary and Ms. Angelica Ambrosini, Advisor of the President of ARIAE
    • ERERA: Aly Mar Ndiaye, Council Member Engineer and Mr. Yawovi Negbegble, Senior Power Expert
    • EREA: Mr. Harold Obiga, Director Legal & Authority Affairs at Electricity Regulatory Authority and Legal advisor/Portfolio committee of EREA
    • ERRA: Ms. Krisztina Kasza, Head of Secretariat
    • MEDREG: Mr. Hasan Ozkoc, Deputy Secretary General
    • OOCUR: Mr. Clayton Blackman, Chairman

14.00-14.30  Topic 2: Energy Transition: The role of gas in supporting green transition in the Mediterranean region

  • Vincenzo Cioffo, MEDREG GAS Working Group Chair
  • Evi Gazi, MEDREG GAS Working Group Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Mohamed El-Tahan, GAS Working Group Vice-Chair

14:30-14:40 Technical break

14:40-15:00 Topic 3: Status of Renewables Regulation in ERRA Member Countries

  • Mr. Kacper Jarosz, ERRA Secretariat

15:00- 15:15 Topic 4: Joint Research Paper: Regulatory Considerations in the Development of Mini-Grids – Status Report

  • Mr. Ardian Berisha, ERRA Regulatory Specialist

15:15-15:30 Wrap up and conclusions by the Secretariats






Virtual Meeting