Flexibility ERRA Online Training: Introduction to Regulation of Flexibility in the Power Grid Tariff Database

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ERRA organized a series of workshops in Chisinau, Moldova aiming to assist the Moldovan energy industry implementing the 2nd and 3rd EU Energy Packages. The programme was funded by the Danube Region Strategy of the European Commission


1st Workshop (February 26-28, 2013) focusing on the following topics:

  • Independence, Tasks, Responsibilities and Necessary Statutory Powers of the Regulator
  • Regional Market Building Possibilities (Gas and Electricity); Cross-Border Capacity Calculation and Congestion Management
  • Supporting Competition (Methods and Possible Regulatory Interactions in Concentrated Markets)


2nd Workshop (March 26-28, 2013), main topics discussed:

  • Unbundling, Requirements on Separation of Activities, Designation and Certification Procedure of TSOs (Gas and Electricity) – The Necessary Legal Requirements and the Procedure
  • Practical Examples on Separation of Activities, on Supervisory Body and on Compliance Monitoring
  • Requirements and Practice of DSO Unbundling


3rd Workshop (May 27-29, 2013) focusing on the issues of:

  • General Customer Protection Related Issues (Gas and Electricity) – The Necessary Legal/ Regulatory Framework and the Different Regulatory Procedures; The Potential Support for Vulnerable Customers, Power/ Energy Poverty, Last Resort Supplier’ Concept
  • Service Quality Regulation – Impact of Service Quality Regulation on Pricing (Network Tariff)
  • End-User Switching Process (from One Supplier to Another) – Elements of the Switching Process, Responsibilities of DSOs, Suppliers and Customers, Conditions of Changing Supplier
  • Exemption (from Third Party Access obligations) Process – Conditions of any TPA’ Exemption (Requirements of the EU Directives); “Nabucco” Exemption Procedure (Case Study)


4th Workshop (July 29-30, 2013), main focus on:

  • Monitoring of the Regulated Activities – The Necessary Legal/ Regulatory Framework and the Different Regulatory Procedures; Monitoring the Economic Performance of Regulated Companies
  • Enforcement of the Regulations. Methods of Sanctioning of License Holders not Complying with the License Conditions
  • Grid Connection – The Responsibilities of Different Players for Grid Connection, the Connection Charges, the Ownership of the Connected Network, Dispute Settlement Regarding Network Connection (Regulatory Power Settle Disputes)
  • Small Customers’ Self Electricity Generation: Connection Costs, Conditions for Grid Access, Metering, Pricing, Billing, Consumption and Sale of Energy, Licensing



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