Seminar Outline

The 9th edition of ERRA’s targeted
Seminar on Energy Policy and Regulation for High-Level Policy Makers and Commissioners goes online this year!

ERRA’s seminar on Energy Policy and Regulation for High-Level Policy Makers and Commissioners will be organized in an online format between September 7 and 17, 2021. It is the 9th seminar on this topic and, while the content of the discussions is updated to reflect the ever-changing energy-policy and regulatory environment, the aim remains unchanged: bringing high-level policy makers and newly appointed regulatory commissioners up-to-speed with latest developments on energy and regulatory policy, enhancing their understanding of the industries they govern and ultimately improving their performance as regulatory policymakers.

The online format will make the seminar accessible to a larger group of participants, saving precious travel time and facilitating continued mentoring by guest speakers of the seminar. Additionally the course will foster optional peer-to-peer regulatory exchange to provide a discussion platform for regulatory exchange and networking. Speakers will remain available to the new commissioners for later consultation and long-standing mentoring.

The New Commissioner seminar has thus far been attended by close to 100 policy-makers, commissioners and senior regulatory staff from many countries. The Seminar is delivered by seasoned regulatory practitioners and consultants with a long-standing training experience within ERRA’s capacity building programmes. Please contact the ERRA Secretariat for more information on the training.


The content will address the following principal areas:

Keynote Address


Mr. Alparslan Bayraktar, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey (MENR) 

Session I:
Role and Functions of the Regulator


Policy objectives of energy regulators, the main models of regulation applied in different jurisdictions and issues related to regulatory independence.

Session II: 
Power Sector Fundamentals

A crash course on the fundamental technical aspects of the power sector which must be understood by non-engineers working in energy regulation.

Session III:
How Power Markets Operate


Setting the stage through an introduction to wholesale and retail electricity markets, market models and regulatory considerations.

Session IV:
How Natural Gas Markets Operate

Providing an overview of the main aspects characterizing natural gas regulation and the role that natural gas is expected to play in future consumption portfolios.

Session V:
Price Regulation

Covering the fundamental policy objectives behind economic intervention and how these principles are reflected in practice.

Session VI:
Energy Transition

Discussing key aspects characterizing the energy transition and covering decarbonization agenda, decentralized generation and digitalization.

Session VII:
Stakeholder engagement and communication

Highlighting effective communication techniques and the importance of keeping stakeholders engaged in regulatory decision-making and communication strategies which are effective in reaching out to the key stakeholders affected by regulatory decision-making.




Tuition fee:

  • ERRA Members: 700 EUR
  • Non-ERRA Members: 1000 EUR

Target Audiance:

High-level Policy Makers and Commissioners
Newly appointed energy regulatory

  • Commissioners
  • Presidents / Chairmen
  • any Senior Level Staff

Reasons to Attend:

  • a structured and relaxed learning opportunity among your peers
  • the program will bring you up-to-speed with regulatory policy
  • it will enhance your understanding of regulated industries
  • it will improve your performance as regulatory policy maker
  • it will expand your network and will provide a long-standing mentoring opportunity


The course will be organized virtually with interactive lectures and with follow-up direct consultations with the speakers. Participants will have access to video recordings, thus allowing flexibility and options to participate. The course will foster optional peer-to-peer regulatory exchange to provide a discussion platform for regulatory exchange and networking. Additionally, seminar speakers will remain available to participants as mentors for a certain period of time upon the completion of the program.

Main Characteristics of the Seminar:

  • 7 outstanding topics highly relevant for senior energy regulators
  • practical sessions with hands-on councelling
  • speakers are senior energy regulators and/or consultants
  • peer-to-peer and consultative methodology
  • supplementary mentoring

Alumni’s Feedback:

  • Perfectly tailored
  • Simplicity
  • Inter-activity
  • Ample time to ask, discuss, debate
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Welcoming spirit