Webinar Description

ERRA is stepping up with engagement into gender equality related projects by launching a series of webinars:

Women in the Energy Sector – My Story.

The concept of the series bases on interviews with leading female figures in the energy industry with a purpose of learning from their inspiring biographies and reflections on the course of their professional paths – what were the drivers of their professional development, what helped them to get where they are and what advice can they convey to their colleagues.

In the first webinar of the series we will have a chance to listen to two successful professionals:

  1. Ms. Nino ENUKIDZE, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgia
  2. Ms. Colette HONORABLE, ERRA Strategic Advisory Board Member, Partner at Reed Smith LLP; Senior Fellow at Bipartisan Policy Center; Global Advisory Board at Energy Futures Initiative, United States of America

Ms. Enukidze and Ms. Honorable will share two different geographical perspectives to the same issue of advancing professionally in the energy sector as a forward-looking woman, while focusing on their achieved milestones, successes , pitfalls of their careers and recommendations to others. Questions will be posed by Ms. Andrea LENAUER, Adviser, International Relations, E-Control of Austria.

Join us at 2pm CEST on May 20th!

In the first edition of My Story we are pleased to introduce you to:

Ms. Nino EnukidzeMs. Nino ENUKIDZE (biography)
Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development


Colette Honorable, Member of the ERRA Strategic Advisory BoardMs. Colette HONORABLE (biography)

ERRA Strategic Advisory Board Member
Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Senior Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center
Global Advisory Board, Energy Futures Initiative
United States of America


Andrea LenauerThe Interviewer:

Ms. Andrea LENAUER
International Relations Adviser



Webinar Registration

The webinar will be organized on May 20, 2021 at 14:00 (CEST, Budapest time, GMT+2). | Convert to your timezone.

Participation is on invitation basis.