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ERRA-IRENA Renewable Energy Training Week

Course description

ERRA co-organized IRENA’s 1st Renewable Energy Training Week on January 25-29, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Renewable Energy Training Week was a chance to meet with high-level experts and practitioners from Africa, Asia, Central and Latin America, various OECD countries and the Middle East, to exchange detailed insights into existing approaches to power-system governance and to learn from invited guest speakers.

Objective: to support governance and decision-making processes for integrating renewable energy into the power system.

The week covered four key topics:

  • Renewable energy target setting;
  • Support schemes for target achievement;
  • Renewables system integration; and
  • Regional cross-border initiatives.

Course Faculty Team:

  • Alparslan BAYRAKTAR – Chairman, ERRA
  • Dennis VOLK – Programme Officer, IRENA
  • Ghislaine KIEFFER – Policy Unit, IRENA
  • Nicholas FICHAUX – IRENA
  • Michael TAYLOR – IRENA Innovation and Technology Center
  • Maria VAGLIASINDI – Lead Economist, World Bank
  • Vidmantas JANKAUSKAS – Former Regulator, Professor, Vilnius Technical University, Lithuania
  • David FARNSWORTH – Senior Associate, Regulatory Assistance Project, the United States
  • Lars DITTMAR  Research Associate, Department of Energy Systems, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
  • Lion HIRTH – Director, Neon Neue Energieökonomik, Germany
  • Sonja ROEDER – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany
  • Dr. Lars JENDERNALIK – Westnetz GmbH, Germany
  • Mbulelo NCETEZO – Executive Manager, Electricity Regulation Division, National Energy Regulator of South Africa
  • Anders Plejdrup HOUMOLLER – Houmoller Consulting, Denmark

The programme provided an unparalleled opportunity to showcase plans and intentions in various jurisdictions and it assisted in expanding the global network of participants.

There were 25 participants from 19 different countries of the Southern and Eastern African region.


Course location

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates