ERRA Training Course: Price Regulation and Tariffs


Course Objectives:

The purpose of this 5-day Training Course is to equip students with the core concepts, objectives and techniques of designing and evaluating rate structures in the energy sector. It also considers the cost effective regulation of environmental liabilities. During the programme, participants will learn the basic economic principles of “good” price regulation, the major steps in regulated tariff setting and alternative price regulatory methods, network access tariffs, social tariffs. They are engaged in numerous practical exercises on how to calculate simple regulated tariffs.


Course Programme:

  • Fundamentals of Price Regulation in the Energy Sector
  • Setting the Revenue Requirement
  • Incentive Price Regulation
  • Price Regulatory Tasks Under a Liberalized Market Environment
  • Price Regulatory Tasks Related to Public Service Obligations


Course Faculty Team:

  • Vidmantas JANKAUSKAS – Course Director; Professor, Vilnius Technical University, Lithuania
  • Nick CARTER – formerly Director General, Regulation and Supervision Bureau of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; currently Managing Partner of Hydrocity LLP, UK
  • Péter KADERJÁK – Director, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK), Hungary
  • Péter KOTEK – Research Associate, REKK, Hungary
  • Csaba KOVÁCS – Director, KPMG, Hungary
  • Samuele LARZENI – Electrical Engineer, Italian Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water, Italy
  • Lukas MADER – Tariff Department, E-Control, Austria
  • László SZABÓ – Senior Research Associate, REKK, Hungary
  • Mustafa YILMAZ – Energy Expert, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Turkey


The Course was attended by 25 participants from the following countries: Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Mali, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.