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Семинар ЭРРА для сотрудников Посольств Великобритании


December 8-9, 2015 // Budapest, Hungary

The course was prepared for and tailored to the needs of energy policy attachés and commercial advisers covering the energy sector and dealing with climate change policy measures. During the design of the curriculum there were interactive discussions with the representatives of the audience (through the relevant staff members of the British Embassy in Budapest) and the invited lecturers.

The Workshop was hosted by the British Embassy in Budapest.

Main Themes of the Workshop:

  • Role and Functions of the Regulator;  Regulatory Independence and Perceived Regulatory Risk 
  • Restructuring of the Electricity and Gas Industries;  Regulated Third Party Access (rTPA) Concept and its Consequences  
  • Security of Supply and Regulation  
  • Different Markets and Cross Border Trading
  • Supporting the Implementation of Common EU Goals
  • European Energy Policy: Establishment of Internal Energy Market
  • Harmonised and Common Regulatory Framework
  • European Climate Change Targets and Potential Measures
  • Post Privatization  Issues in the CEE and SEE Region (debated questions between investors and regulators) 

Course Faculty Team:

  • Péter KADERJÁK –  Director, Regional Center for Energy Policy Research (REKK), Hungary
  • Csaba KOVÁCS – Director, KPMG Hungary, Hungary
  • Julia LOBENWEIN – Sales Manager, Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX), Hungary
  • Konstantin PETROV – Head Policy and Regulation, DNV-GL Energy, Germany 
  • Marco SENCAR – Expert, Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)
  • László SZABÓ – Senior Research Associate, REKK, Hungary
  • Gábor SZÖRÉNYI – Course Director, General Secretary, ERRA 


21 participants attended the Workshop from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovenia, UNMIK, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Finland, Croatia, Poland, England and Ukraine.