Study on electricity TSO & DSO Network Charges and Tariff Structure Designs – Request for Proposals




Regulatory Approaches towards Electricity TSO & DSO Network Charges and Tariff Structure Designs among ERRA Member Organizations


The ERRA Secretariat issues the Request for Proposals document in order to launch the second TSO-DSO study project. In 2020 ERRA produced a report which studied revenue determinants for electricity transmission and distribution system operators among ERRA Member Organizations. The study* featured inputs from 20 Member Organizations and provided expert insight on the regulatory best practice for each of the components of allowed revenues.

As a follow-up to the above-described report, ERRA wishes to conduct a new Study that will analyze the manner in which the allowed revenues are recovered in distribution and transmission charges. This Study will scrutinize the practice among ERRA Member Organizations and provide policy guidelines and recommendations related to such charges together with pointing out examples of internal and external best practice and the policy objectives regulators try to achieve, such as allocative efficiency, sustainability, equity and cost recovery.

The Study will be available to the public in ERRA’s e-library located within domain. The target audience for the Study will primarily be ERRA Member Organizations however it may also be of interest to other stakeholders such as network operators, energy suppliers, traders, generation companies, consumer representative groups, individual and corporate end users, academics and other interested parties.

ERRA calls on qualified legal or physical persons to submit proposals for the implementation of the Study in line with the RfP description until January 28.

The RfP can be downloaded HERE.


*Regulatory Approaches to Revenue Setting for Electricity Transmission and Distribution System Operators among ERRA Member Organizations, Energy Regulators Regional Association, April 2020; available for download at: