First edition of the ERRA Webinar Series on Energy Market Surveillance


The purpose of the first webinar on Energy Market Surveillance is to present fundamentals of effective functioning of energy market regulatory surveillance and monitoring systems.

Seasoned experts from the EU Agency for the cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) of the United States and Swora Legal brought insights to:

  • European Regulation on wholesale  Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT)
    • the data collection that is the building block of market surveillance under REMIT
    • the role of national regulators and ACER in the REMIT framework
    • what types of abusive practices can be seen on the energy markets and how they are sanctioned under REMIT regulation
  • Market Surveillance & Regulatory Powers in the U.S.
    • historical context and legal framework of FERC to oversight of modern energy markets in the United States
    • FERC’s surveillance structure to monitor market behavior and identify market manipulation
    • types of behavior that FERC considers to be inappropriate market manipulation and scenarios that typically lead to assessment of financial penalties

The Secretariat would like to thank the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) for the support towards this event, the Moderator and the Speakers for excellent interventions during presentations and the panel discussion, as well as the international audience joining the program.

Recording of the webinar will soon be available on ERRA’s YouTube channel and the webinar webpage (presentations are also posted here):

ERRA Webinar: Energy Market Surveillance I: Fundamentals of Enforcement and Abusive Practices (June 23, 2021)