ERRA Events Policy

Valid from May 25, 2018

The Participant agrees that his or her data that are registered during the registration procedure (last name, first name, job title, organization) shall be published by ERRA on the website of the Event. These data – plus the e-mail address and photo – shall be shared in printed and digital form with the other participants of the Event for helping future bilateral of multilateral networking and/or communication.

The Participant agrees that ERRA and all contracting parties, contributors, press publicists, other Participants and other third parties agreed by ERRA may take a voice and photo/video record of the Events. Therefore, by participating on the Events, the Participant expressly agrees the recording and publishing of his or her portrait, appearance and manifestation, but the Participant may be named only by his or her express consent. If the Participant is a public person, he or she may be named without his or her express consent.

For such records of the Participant, the recording person gains a transferable and exclusive right of usage that is unrestricted in time, space and the method of usage. Regarding such records of the Participant, ERRA and third parties agreed by ERRA are entitled for the unrestricted utilization, usage (especially for promoting the Events), copying, disclosing, modifying or publishing in any form, without any financial or any other consideration of the Participant.

The Participant expressly agrees that ERRA shall record the Events and parts and programs thereof, and such records shall be copied, distributed and published in any form, or re-distributed or re-published in any form, including the form of publication by which the Events or any parts or any programs thereof shall be published in a way that any third party may individually choose the place and time of access (e.g. publishing on YouTube).

Regarding such publications, the Participant may not raise any claims against ERRA.

The Participant is entitled to take a voice and photo/video record of the Events, with the conditions that such records may be taken with photo/video/voice recording devices that are integrated in personally used telecommunication devices (e.g. mobile phones or tablets) or non-professional camera devices, and such voice and photo/video records may not be sold or utilized for financial or any other way of consideration in any form, and may not be used for commercial purposes even without financial or any other way of consideration, and without their consent the appearing persons may not be named and their personality rights may not be violated.

Disclaimer: ERRA shall not be liable if other Participants shall violate the above rules.

By submitting registration, Participant consents that ERRA can use personal data for further communication regarding the current and other upcoming ERRA events and services. In case of no interest it is possible to unsubscribe at any time.