2023 was full of new exciting challenges and developments in the energy regulatory sector. We are happy to present a summary of the activities that ERRA has managed to implement throughout the year, starting from the numerous in-house trainings (pg. 12-13) to tailor-made trainings (pg. 14), specifically designed for the regulators. ERRA has achieved important milestones by organising and engaging in many high-level international conferences and summits (pg. 15), one of the most notable being the ERRA 20th Annual Conference, which provided a platform for the regulatory leaders of ERRA partner and member organisations, and other industry representatives to engage in strategic dialogue on the ongoing policy and regulatory developments (pg. 15-16). ERRA Committees have been actively engaged in the roaring issues of the energy sector by sharing regulatory insights and their practices with each other and producing numerous publications on various topics (pg. 18-19). Please enjoy reading about ERRA's 2023 journey toward its mission of aiding its members to a strong and improved regional regulatory framework!