Committee Leaders

Mr. Margus Kasepalu

Committee Chair

Head of Department of Energy and Infrastructure
Estonian Competition Authority

Mr. Viktor Szilágy

Committee Vice-Chair

International Expert for Energy
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority



Benchmarking Report

New Phenomena in the Energy Markets: Prosumers, Energy Communities, Peer-to-Peer Trading and Sharing



Mitigating Impacts of Pandemic and High Energy Prices (2019 – 2022 Q1)

Customer Protection Committee

Benchmarking Analysis

Available Price Comparison Tools (PCTs) among ERRA Members

Customer Protection Committee


Status Quo Report

Scope of Work

  1. Consumer protection with focus on consumer groups (vulnerable consumers, household consumers, small and medium enterprises and the ways of their protection)
  2. Structures of the retail market and their evolution, roles of the market participants (type and variety of offered contracts, subsidies, suppliers, aggregators, energy communities, price liberalization and regulation, electromobility) 
  3. Roles and obligations of service providers towards consumers (commercial quality, complaint handling, information provided to consumers)
  4. Consumer empowerment (information, education, comparison tools)
  5. Role and jurisdiction of the regulators, and the legal framework in case of normal situation and in emergency (general role, role in consumer protection, ADR, contractual roles, rules of contractual breaches, SOLR, mitigation of the effects of a crisis)