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Renewable Energy Investment Conference

Tbilisi, Georgia
October 26-28
The 19th ERRA conference concept is finally back on the agenda. The overarching theme of the 3-day event is “Accelerating the clean energy transition through investments into renewable energy”.
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Women in the Energy Sector – My Career Story

October 11, 2022
The concept of the series bases on interviews with leading female figures in the energy industry with a purpose of learning from their inspiring biographies and reflections on the course of their professional paths.
Hydrogen Outlook for the Energy Sector - lead photo

Regulation of Hydrogen Value Chains

November 7-25
The course will allow participants to structure the proper regulatory framework for a functioning hydrogen economy across all the parts of its value chain from production to demand.

Electrification Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa II.

November 9, 2022
The webinar on November 9 will build upon the previous broadcast which analysed the status quo and ways forward for the fundamental development of electricity access in Sub-Saharan regions.
World Forum on Energy Regulation 2023 in Lima, Peru

VIII World Forum on Energy Regulation

Lima, Peru
March 21-24, 2023
Central Theme of the 8th WFER: “The Energy Transformation Challenge: competitiveness and sustainability of energy markets, opportunities and achievements”.