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Global energy transition stories from World Economic Forum

EU renewable energy deal delayed on role of nuclear in transition; G7 and EU to ban restart of Russian gas pipelines; Battery maker to go ahead with Germany factory after Berlin matches US subsidies.

Clean energy investment is extending its lead over fossil fuels, boosted by energy security strengths

Global investment in clean energy is on course to rise to USD 1.7 trillion in 2023, with solar set to eclipse oil production for the first time.

What is a hydrogen valley and how it can help to scale up the EU hydrogen economy

A Hydrogen Valley is a geographical area where several hydrogen applications are combined into an integrated hydrogen ecosystem that consumes a significant amount of hydrogen, improving the economics behind the project.

The Dark Side of Hydrogen: The Holy Grail or Climate Catastrophe?

“The holy grail” of the energy future – hydrogen may soon have a very serious problem, which, if not solved quickly, will bring the whole “hydrogen revolution” to a halt. This is caused by the already absolute certainty that hydrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere reacts with tropospheric hydroxyl (OH) radicals. Therefore, its uncontrolled emission into the atmosphere disturbs the distribution and holds dangerously the decomposition of methane, ozone or water vapour, which can lead us, in the short term, to a possible climate cataclysm.

COP28 is a moment of truth for the oil and gas industry’s efforts on climate

IEA's Executive Director Fatih Birol: The COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai this year is a unique opportunity for the oil and gas industry to show it’s serious about tackling climate change.

Hydrogen – the next challenge in the metering business?

With the injection of hydrogen into the natural gas pipeline, the measurement of what is flowing in the gas grid and through the gas meters will become of more and more fundamental importance, writes Luigi Bernardo of MeteRSit.

Top 10 EV Charging Industry Trends [2023]

The future of mobility will be electric, but there is no electric vehicle revolution without EV charging

Global energy transition stories from World Economic Forum

Top energy news: Wind and solar hit record level of power generation in 2022; US proposes sweeping cuts to vehicle emissions; Germany to switch off its remaining nuclear reactors.

Glossary of Energy Transition Terms published

The Glossary of Energy Transition Terms comprises 150+ terms that make understanding the context of energy transition and climate change an easy task.