CP WG Publications


CP WG Report on Mitigating Impacts of Pandemic and High Energy Prices (2019 – 2022 Q1)

The report explores various regulatory and policy responses to pandemic recovery-driven market and supply chain shocks as well as the early stage of the crisis in the energy sector.
CP WG Publication: Price Comparison Tools (PCT)

Price Comparison Tools – new publication by the ERRA Customer Protection Working Group

ERRA CP WG issued a report on Price Comparison Tools to detect availability and features of PCTs as prerequisite for efficient electricity/ gas retail markets functioning.
CP WG Publication: Status Quo Report

The ERRA Customer Protection Working Group prepared its first publication on the status quo of its members

22 regulators of the ERRA Customer Protection Working Group (CP WG) provided data to map their duties and powers, with emphasis on consumer protection, and to offer a quick glimpse into their retail markets of electricity and natural gas.