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ERRA Annual Conference

Buckle up for the 21st ERRA Annual Conference - in 2024 to be called the Energy Regulators Forum - as an anchor event of the Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Summit.

Natural Gas Market Regulation Course

In this comprehensive course we delve into the foundational aspects of natural gas market regulation, where besides building a strong understanding of the fundamentals we will also examine how these fundamentals can be effectively applied in response to emerging challenges at all levels of market opening.
Electricity Tariff Setting Training lead

Principles of Economic Regulation and Electricity Tariffs

The tariff regulation course is the central anchor of the economic regulation training package. It covers all of the topic in the training programme on a higher level, while focusing on the principles of economic regulation, applied regulatory models, the building-block approach to revenue-setting and revenue determinants. It also provides introductory principles of cost-allocation, tariff structure and tariff design.