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Electrification Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa II.

The webinar on November 9, 2022 focused on the financial, development and regulatory side of mini-grids with these systems becoming a key component of countries’ electrification plans, and their development requires appropriate regulatory frameworks.

ERRA Study on Regulatory Approaches of Electricity TSO & DSO Network Tariff Structures

The study provides a thorough analysis of network use-of-system and connection charges with plenty of useful data and with key considerations for each discussed topic based on input from 26 member organisations.

Press Release: ERRA provides financial support for Ukraine’s energy sector

The donation through the Ukraine Energy Support Fund will be used to purchase vital emergency energy equipment and fuels to ease the hardship of Ukrainian people in anticipation of the most challenging winter in decades.

ERRA Member News: EU day-ahead flow-based market coupling (FBMC)

The key objective of the Flow-Based Market Coupling (FBMC) mechanism is to optimize the day-ahead European electricity market for 13 countries from the so-called Core capacity calculation region.

ERRA Tariff Database Report on 2021 Quarterly and Annual Data Submissions

Basing on the latest database inputs ERRA has issued its latest report on 2021 data: I) Q4 gas & electricity wholesale and end-user prices; II) Annual data on revenue determinants for regulated utilities and operators.
Regualtory Story of the Month: AERA-MEKH

ERRA Regulatory Story of the Month: Bilateral Training Cooperation between AERA Azerbaijan and MEKH Hungary

March 2022 regulatory story bases on the bilateral cooperation on regulatory training between the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) and the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA).
ERRA Publication: Smart Meter Penetration

ERRA Report on Smart Meter Penetration in Select ERRA Member Countries

The analysis is an update of the 2020 version and provides some new comparisons on the role of smart meters in different countries’ electricity markets, leading to identify recommendations towards this hot topic.
EMER COM Publication: Status Quo Report

EMER COM: A Status Quo Report on Deregulation of Electricity Markets

17 EMER COM members shared data on current market structures characteristics of electricity market, unbundling and concertation, prices on wholesale market, cross-border trading, balancing and ancillary services.
Regualtory Story of the Month: ICP

ERRA Regulatory Story of the Month: Interim Coupling Project (ICP)

The article tells the story of preparation for the Interim Coupling Project (ICP), its implementation, surpassed obstacles, market observations and lessons learnt from the process.