ERRA's in-house regulatory training portfolio includes more than 15 different courses on all levels of energy sector proficiency - from intro to highly-specialized.

Our methodologies and the expert base allows us to approach training programs with the highest degree of diligence and professionalism. ERRA has been actively providing regulatory training for nearly 20 years and has been enjoying one of the leading roles in energy regulatory education worldwide.

ERRA constantly follows industry and regulatory trends and tendencies in order to expand its training offer with up-to-date topics and cases.

The list of our training courses is available here and in case of interest, please contact the ERRA Secretariat to learn the future schedule of these programs. We look forward to meeting you in our courses!


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Certified Energy Regulator Programme

ERRA developed the Certified Energy Regulator (CER) training certificate to indicate that participants in ERRA courses have achieved a set level of fluency in the regulatory field. The feedback from participants has been positive and provides them with a recognized certificate that enables them and others to know of their regulatory competency.

The ERRA certification system is supposed to acknowledge those ERRA training participants who have successfully participated in minimum three different training programs organized by ERRA. The certification system is based on credits which can be earned during successfully completed training courses. 

In order to receive the certicifate, participants should collect at least 30 credits within 3 years.

Mr. Janis Negribs, PUC, Latvia
ERRA CER Diplom holder

CER diploms were issued by ERRA since 2010