Irklis, Rolands

Auditor General
State Audit Office

Professional manager in the fields of economic regulation and public sector audit. Mr. Irklis has broad experience and knowledge of energy sector and water supply service regulation. I also have international experience acting as board member in international organizations and serving as an expert and instructor in different international projects and trainings, including training on water supply regulation.

WORK EXPERIENCE: 28/01/2021 – CURRENT – Riga AUDITOR GENERAL – STATE AUDIT OFFICE OF THE REPUBLIC OF LATVIA (VALSTS KONTROLE) The Auditor General manages and supervises the work of the State Audit Office in order to achieve the operational goal of the institution, to evaluate the legality, economy, and effectiveness of actions with public financial resources and property and to provide recommendations for improving the public sector in the public interest. The State Audit Office performs audits in accordance with the international auditing standards for the public sector, that is, the standards (ISSAI) of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (I NTOSAI), which are recognized in the Republic of Latvia.

24/02/2016 – 27/01/2021 CHAIRMAN – PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION Public Utilities Commission is responsible for monopoly and market regulation in Energy sector, Water supply, Electronic Communications and Postal services. As a Chairman I was responsible for management and organisation of the institution and representation the institution, chairing of the council meetings, management of the financial resources of the institution and direct instructions to the employees of the executive body. During my chairmanship many significant sectoral reforms was implemented in energy sector and water supply services.