The Presidium acts upon the General Assembly’s behalf respecting Association operations and planning during the period between Assembly Meetings. The Presidium is the representative and executive body of the Association. It is subordinated directly to the Assembly.

The Presidium has the exclusive authority to:

  • act as the Association’s administrative body and representative towards third parties;
  • employ Association Staff;
  • transfer its representative rights to Association Staff with regard to limited and specifically defined matters;
  • propose actions or decisions to the Assembly for its adoption on matters which fall within the Assembly’s exclusive authority;
  • pass decisions in all questions which do not fall into the exclusive authority of the General Assembly as provided by the Constitution;
  • review the financial and cash management functions and activities of the Association;
  • report on the Association’s financial status at an Assembly Meeting at least once per year;
  • initiate requests before the Assembly to establish an Annual Budget; and
  • propose Annual Membership Dues for Members.

The Presidium consists of seven Assembly Representatives (each from separate Full Members) elected by secret ballot, majority vote of the General Assembly. The Presidium Members serve for a two-year period. Presidium meetings are held four or five times a year.

For more information on the Presidium please see Article VII of the ERRA Constitution.

ERRA Presidium Members


ERRA Chairperson

Ms. Maia Melikidze (biography)
from September 2020
(ERRA Presidium Member from May 2016)
Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission


ERRA Vice-Chair

Mr.Pál Ságvári (biography)
from September 2020
Vice-President for International Affairs
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority


ERRA Presidium Member

Mr. Ahmet Çağri Çiçek (biography)
from September 2020

Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey


ERRA Presidium Member

Mr. Rolands Irklis (biography)
from May 2016

Public Utilities Commission of Latvia


ERRA Presidium Member

Mrs. Maria Manicuta (biography)
from April 2009
Director General, Network Tarrifs and Investments Monitoring Department
Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority


ERRA Presidium Member

Ms. Andrijana Nelkova-Chuchuk (biography)
from September 2020
Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission of North Macedonia


ERRA Presidium Member

Mr. Dietmar Preinstorfer (biography)
from September 2020
Director, International Relations
E-Control, Austria

Previous Presidium Members and Terms

Mr. Mart Ots, ERRA Chairman, May 2016 – September 2020
Mr. Mustafa Yilmaz, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2016 – September 2020
Mr. Attila Nyikos, ERRA Vice-Chairman, May 2016 – July 2020
Dr. Abdullah M. Al-Shehri, ERRA Presidium Member, April 2018 – May 2019
Mr. Anthony Akah, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2016 – April 2018

Mr. Amer Saif Al Hinai, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2016 – June 2017
Mr. Alparslan Bayraktar, ERRA Chairman, March 2014 – May 2016
Mr. Mirsad Salkic, ERRA Presidium Member,  March 2014 – May 2016
Mr. Gochia Shonia, ERRA Presidium Member, March 2014 – May 2016
Mr. Valdis Lokenbahs, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2014 – February 2016
Mr. Novak Medenica, ERRA Presidium Member, June 2013 – March 2014
Mr. Marek Woszczyk, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2011 – December 2013
Mr. Victor Parlicov, ERRA Presidium member, ERRA Chairman, April 2012 – August 2013
Ms. Hajnalka Kelemen, ERRA Presidium Member, June 2013 – July 2013
Mr. Angel Semerdjiev, ERRA Presidium Member, April 2012 – January 2013
dr. Gábor Szörényi, ERRA Presidium Member, ERRA Chairman, April 2008 – December 2012
Mr. Fatih Dönmez, ERRA Presidium Member, April 2008 – April 2012
Mr. Jozef Holjencik, ERRA Presidium Member,  April 2010 – April 2012
Mr. Elshan Asadov, ERRA Presidium Member, April 2008 – July 2011
Mr. Ljubo Macic, ERRA Presidium Member, April 2010 – May 2011
Mr. Mariusz Swora, ERRA Vice-Chairman, April 2010 – March 2011
Mr. Valeriy Kalcsenko, ERRA Presidium Member, April 2008 – April 2009
Mr. Slave Ivanovski, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2007 – April 2009
Mr. Sergey Titenko, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2007 – April 2008 
Mr. Dan Ionescu, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2006 – April 2009
Mr. Mart Ots, ERRA Presidium Member, May 2006 – April 2009
Mr. Yusuf Günay, ERRA Chairman, ERRA Presidium Member, December 2007
Mr. Sergey Novikov, ERRA Presidium Member, April 2005 – October 2007
Mr. Angel Semerdjiev, ERRA Chairman from May, 2004 – January 2007
Mr. Valeriy Kalchenko, ERRA Presidium Member, April 2005 – September 2006 and Vice Chairman, April 2008 – April 2010
Mr. Adrian Borotea, ERRA Presidium Member, Vice Chair, April 2005 – January 2006 
Prof. Inna Steinbuka ERRA Chair, April 2005 – October 2005
Mr. Vidmantas Jankauskas ERRA Chairman, November 2003 – April 2005
Mrs. Lyubov Goncharova Presidium Member, 2003 – April 2005
Mr. Ion Lungu Presidium Member,  December 2000  –  October 2004 
Mr. Yuriy Sakharnov, Presidium Member,  May  2003 – June  2004 
Mr. Dusan Holoubek, Vice-Chairman May 2003 – November 2003   
Mr. Péter Kaderják, ERRA Chairman, December 2000 – November 2003
Mr. Vardan Movsesyan, Member, December 2000 – July 2003 
Mr. Ularbek Mateev, Member,  December 2000   – May 2003 
Mr. Kirill Yankov,  December 2000 – 2002

Presidium Members’ Short Biographies

ERRA Chairperson
Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC)

Maia Melikidze is an executive MBA graduate from Harvard University in the field of Global Strategic Management. Furthermore, she has academic education in International Economic Law at Georgian Technical University and currently is working on renewable energy issues at Business & Technology University (Silicon Valley Tbilisi); Since July, 2017 Ms Melikidze occupies a position of commissioner at Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Commission for 6 year period. Before, she worked for the President of Georgia Mr. Giorgi Margvelashvili as an economic advisor. Afore, Ms Melikidze gained twelve year experience of working in a private sector: International Audit Company “Ernst & Young” as a senior auditor; JSC Bank of Georgia – Tax Analyst; JSC Liberty Bank – Head of National Bank of Georgia and IFRS audit cooperation department.

Simultaneously Ms Melikidze is involved in educational process and encourages prosperity of new generation. She is an associated professor at Business and Technology University, which ensures unique educational expertise by integrating business into technology and making innovations. She supports Silicon Valley Tbilisi and works hard in order Georgia to become an exporter of education in the region.

Ms Melikidze is currently doing her PhD on renewable energy issues, she published several researches on enhancement renewable energy sources usage in Georgia and established Renewable Energy Resources Laboratory working on legal as well as economic assessment of renewable energy generation in Georgia.

Ms Melikidze is an author of several publications at Forbes focusing on diminishing unemployment and ensuring economic growth; involvement of Finance Institutions in mobilizing a public wealth.

ERRA Vice-Chair
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA)
Mr. Ságvári is the special envoy for energy security of Hungary since 2016 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Prior to his current position he was director for energy policy in the Ministry of National Development between 2011-15 where he was responsible for working out Hungarian energy strategy. He was also coordinating regional energy market development projects such as North-South Energy Corridor, Hungarian-Slovak gas interconnector, Nabucco, South Stream, CEEGEX, CEEE Forum, V4 Gas Forum, Electricity Market Coupling. He started his career in the private sector. He held different expert positions in ENGIE group.

  Ahmet Çağri ÇIÇEK
ERRA Presidium Member

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA)

Ahmet Çağrı Çiçek was born in 1977. He earned BS degree in international relations from the Eastern Mediterranean University, the Faculty of Business and Economics in 1999. Mr. Çiçek started his career at the Foreign Relations and Protocol Directorate of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) in 2000.

He was in charge of assisting parliamentary commissions’ foreign relations. Later on he moved to European Union Harmonisation Committee of the TBMM and served as a EU specialist and reporter and he was also advisor to the chairman of the EU Harmonisation Committee.

Mr. Çiçek moved to the Privatization Administration (PA) in 2005 as Advisor to the Chairman. He was assigned as the Head of Capital Markets Department at the PA in 2010. During his mandate at the PA, he worked in the process of privatization and due diligence of many state owned companies. In his PA career, he also served as the member of the board and the chairman in the two big electricity distribution companies of Turkey.

Çağrı Çicek was appointed as a Commissioner in EMRA on 30 May 2012. Pursuant to the completion of his term in Office, he was re-assigned on 20 June 2018. Mr. Çiçek is responsible for a full array of regulatory issues.

He is married with a child.

  Rolands IRKLIS
ERRA Presidium Member

Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

Rolands Irklis is Chairman of Public Utilities Commission of Latvia since February 2016. From 2011 to 2016, he has worked as Commissioner in Public Utilities Commission. He also worked as a Consultant for Energy Community Project for Secondary Electricity Legislation in Ukraine (2015-2016), Sworn advocate (2010-2011), Legal advisor of Bank of Latvia (2007-2010), Lawyer at Law Office Convents (2003– 2007). He is ERRA Presidium member since 2016.

Rolands Irklis has graduated from University of Latvia, Faculty of Law (Master degree) in 2005 and from Riga Business School, Executive MBA program in 2020.

ERRA Presidium Member
Director General, Network Tarrifs and Investments Monitoring Department
Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE)

Maria works in ANRE from March, 1999, and now  her position is Director  General of Network Tarrifs and Investments Monitoring Department. Her team is responsible for setting tarrifs for network services in the electricity and natural gas  field as well as monitoring  network operators (distribution and transmission) regarding their investments.  She served between 2002-2012 as Commissioner of ANRE Regulatory Committee.

She was involved in many ERRA activities from  the beginning, especially in the Licensing/ Competition Committee.

Prior to this she joined to the Reform and Strategy Committee of RENEL (former integrated Romanian Electricity Company) and participated to the drawing-up of the Romanian power sector restructuring program.

She started her career in energy scientific research activities at ICEMENERG- National Institute for Research in Energy.

She graduated as an engineer from the University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, Faculty of Power Engineering, Nuclear Power Plants (1984).

ERRA Presidium Member
Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission (ERC)
North Macedonia

Andrijana Nelkova Chuchuk was elected as Commissioner at the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia in August 2019. Previously she was a Deputy Head of Economic Department at the ERC. She has 15 years’ experience in energy regulation in the field of electricity, natural gas, district heating and oil and oil derivatives. As employee at the Economic Department her main responsibilities were drafting methodologies, tariff settings, price controls and financial analysis. In the period 2016 – 2019 she was also a Coordinator of the Water Services Regulation Group at ERC North Macedonia.

She graduated at the Faculty of Economics at the Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. In October 2018 Andrijana was elected for her second term as Chair of the ERRA Tariff/Pricing Committee.

ERRA Presidium Member
Director, International Relations
Energie-Control (E-Control)

Dietmar Preinstorfer, Director of International Relations at the Austrian Energy Regulatory Authority E Control, can draw on extensive professional experience in the international energy arena.

He concluded his university career with a master degree from renowned Karl-Franzens University in Graz and immediately started to work at the Austrian Parliament, where he soon advanced to the position of assistant to the Vice President of the Austrian Parliament. At this time he specialised from his sound economic knowledge basis into energy policy and eventually took up work at E-Control. He was appointed as Vice President and Treasurer of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) from 2002-2004. After being seconded to the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) as national expert, he returned to E-Control in 2005 to establish the International Relations department.

Since then he has been working to professionalise E-Control’s international work, structuring the authorities cooperation and support of CEER, ERGEG (European Regulator’s Group for Electricity and Gas), ECRB (Energy Community Regulatory Board), ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators), ERRA (Energy Regulators Regional Association) and other partners within and beyond European borders. Through his activities, Mr Preinstorfer has acted as project leader in several EU-funded Twinning projects ( Mr Preinstorfer is Austria’s alternate member in the ACER Board of Regulators.