The Presidium acts upon the General Assembly’s behalf respecting Association operations and planning during the period between Assembly Meetings. The Presidium is the representative and executive body of the Association. It is subordinated directly to the Assembly.

The Presidium has the exclusive authority to:

  • act as the Association’s administrative body and representative towards third parties;
  • employ Association Staff;
  • transfer its representative rights to Association Staff with regard to limited and specifically defined matters;
  • propose actions or decisions to the Assembly for its adoption on matters which fall within the Assembly’s exclusive authority;
  • pass decisions in all questions which do not fall into the exclusive authority of the General Assembly as provided by the Constitution;
  • review the financial and cash management functions and activities of the Association;
  • report on the Association’s financial status at an Assembly Meeting at least once per year;
  • initiate requests before the Assembly to establish an Annual Budget; and
  • propose Annual Membership Dues for Members.

The Presidium consists of seven Assembly Representatives (each from separate Full Members) elected by secret ballot, majority vote of the General Assembly. The Presidium Members serve for a two-year period. Presidium meetings are held four or five times a year.

For more information on the Presidium please see Article VII of the ERRA Constitution.

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