Çiçek, Ahmet Çağrı

ERRA Presidium Member; Commissioner
Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA)

Mr Ahmet Çağrı Çiçek earned his BS degree in international relations from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Eastern Mediterranean University, in 1999. Mr. Çiçek started his career at the Foreign Relations and Protocol Directorate of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) in 2000.

He was in charge of assisting parliamentary commissions’ foreign relations. Later on, he moved to European Union Harmonisation Committee of the TBMM and served as an EU specialist and reporter and he was also advisor to the Chairman of the EU Harmonisation Committee.

Mr Çiçek moved to the Privatization Administration (PA) in 2005 as an advisor to the Chairman. He was assigned as the Head of Capital Markets Department at the PA in 2010. During his mandate at the PA, he worked on the process of privatization and due diligence of many state-owned companies. In his PA career, he also served as the member of the board and the chairman in the two big electricity distribution companies of Turkey.

Mr Çicek was appointed as a Commissioner in EMRA on 30 May 2012. Pursuant to the completion of his term in Office, he was re-assigned on 20 June 2018. Mr. Çiçek is responsible for a full array of regulatory issues.