Committee Leaders

Ms. Jelena Diliene

Committee Chair

Member of the Council
National Energy Regulatory Council, Lithuania

Mr. Tornike Apriashvili

Committee Vice-Chairman

Deputy Director of Electricity Department
Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission, Georgia

Scope of Work

  1. Enhancing power system flexibility options: energy storage and demand response; challenges in RES integration; price and non-price mechanisms.
  2. Electrification, e-mobility and related regulatory challenges.
  3. Solutions for incentivizing renewable heating and cooling.
  4. RES Support schemes: Feed-in tariffs, feed-in premiums, auctions, etc.; and their impacts on investors and other stakeholders, as well as on the speed of substituting fossil generation.
  5. Non-price support mechanisms for RES: Land usage rights, connection privileges, tax exemptions, priority dispatch, single buyer, improved administrative procedures, Guarantees of Origin.
  6. Energy efficiency and related regulatory challenges.
  7. Regulatory roles in facilitating new technologies (sandboxing, regulatory experimentation)
  8. Energy transition among fossil fuel dependent and emerging economies– how to finance infrastructure projects and develop adequate regulations.
  9. Decentralization: Distributed generation; prosumers, RES communities and other new roles in the evolving energy landscape.
  10. Hydrogen – market design, feasibility of establishing markets and the supply chain, regulations.
  11. Renewable gases – regulations, lessons learnt, impacts on the sector.


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