ERRA Secretariat

The Secretariat provides administrative assistance to the General Assembly, to the Presidium and to the Standing Committees. The Secretariat is located in the same city as the Seat of the Association. The Head of the Secretariat reports directly to the Chairman.

The Secretariat’s main responsibilities are:

  • Serve as liaison between Members of the Association
  • Organize Presidium Meetings, General Assemblies and Standing Committee Meetings
  • Prepare Agendas and Conference materials for these meetings
  • Prepare the first draft of the annual workplan and the budget
  • Prepare 3 newsletters per year
  • Update the website of the Association
  • Maintain the Directory of Members of the Association
  • Draft, propose, and implement the long-term financing plans of the Association
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the General Assembly, Presidium or Chairman.


 ERRA Secretariat Staff

Kriszti   Ms. Krisztina KASZA

Head of Secretariat
Program Director

Mr. Ardian BERISHA
Regulatory Specialist

CsKriszti   Ms. Krisztina CSOMBOR
Program Manager
  Ms. Valéria FARKAS 
Senior Program Manager
  Ms. Cintia KEREK
Program Assistant

Ms. Anikó KISS
Senior Program Manager


Ms. Andrea RÁCZ
Office Manager

IMG_4331a_min   Ms. Réka TIMÁR

Program Manager

Ms. Krisztina SOMHEGYI
Senior Program Manager
(on maternity leave)

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