Francese, Cristiano

Independent Expert

Cristiano Francese has more than 10 years of work experience in the energy business. Throughout his career, he worked across regulatory and policy development, as well as commercial and business development activities. He worked closely in multiple functions with a variety of organisations from major corporations to governments and energy regulatory agencies. He supported their commercial development, business model evolution, project development, regulatory analysis among many other areas of their business. His career transitioned from working on natural gas to renewable energy and green gasses. Some of the key projects he contributed to testify this transition, as they include the Trans Adriatic Pipeline commercial strategy and development of commercial agreements, consulting assignments for the transformation of business models of natural gas grid operators towards green gasses, and lately the closure of renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Google in Spain, as well as previous renewable energy PPAs. His training activities reflect his energy transition expertises, covering key topics of such transition, including, among others, green hydrogen business models, policy and regulation, hydrogen projects and contract structures, business models around EVs, flexibility services for the power grid.