IREC Paper: Model Interconnection Procedures 2023 Edition

Interconnection is one of the biggest obstacles to the expansion of distributed energy resources (DERs). As demand for clean energy accelerates, utilities face a glut of requests to connect DER projects to an already saturated electric grid. Without up-to-date rules tailored to current clean energy technologies and the latest best practices for integrating them on the grid, it can take months or years to bring new projects online. 

DNV Report: ASEAN Interconnector Study – Taking a regional approach to decarbonization

The ASEAN Interconnector Study conducted by DNV delves into the critical aspects of decarbonization within the member states of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). This comprehensive research explores how collaborative efforts across South East Asian countries can significantly reduce costs and accelerate the transition to cleaner energy sources.

RETA’s Flagship Project on Regional Interconnection

Strengthening interconnection between grids can enhance energy security and contribute to decarbonisation by allowing more flexibility in the system.  Particularly for interconnectors between grids in different jurisdictions, regulators’ roles in facilitating and regulating them can be complex, especially in cases where they operate in very different ways.